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A Personal Care Assistant That Keeps Seniors Healthy and Happy Throughout Milwaukee, WI

Let a personal care assistant provide your senior loved one with transportation, exercise, nutritious meal preparation and more

Daily routines are more difficult as we age. Unfortunately, many seniors are unable to maintain their daily routine without help. Something as simple as taking a bath can become a slip and fall risk as mobility issues develop. This leads to a gradual decline in overall health and well-being.  Instead of exposing themselves to risk or foregoing many activities of daily living, seniors in the Milwaukee and Waukesha areas rely on Comfort Keepers of Milwaukee, WI for personal home care.

Elder Woman in Whitefish Bay Being Helped Up by a personal care assistant

Our personal care assistant team is trained to provide care for the elderly in a matter that is respectful and allows your loved one to live independently in their home. With a caring, compassionate Comfort Keeper by their side, they are able to live the life they want at home. We help seniors with bathing, getting out and about, meal preparation and other daily activities.

Assistance with Bathing and Personal Appearance: Look Your Best Every Day

People bathe daily for different reasons. Some see it as part of a morning routine. Others see it as a way to refresh or relax. Regardless of the reason why one bathes, taking a bath or shower is an important part of life.  Instead of abandoning personal hygiene and grooming routines, seniors can enlist a personal care assistant from Comfort Keepers of Milwaukee, WI. We come right to your residence, whether it be a house, apartment, assisted living center or another dwelling place. We will supervise or take an active role in bathing, depending on the level of care required. All of our caregivers are trained to make the bathing experience enjoyable and comfortable.

Oral hygiene is an extremely important part of any personal home care plan. Many times, the first signs of an illness or disease are found in the month.  Ignored for too long, a lack of dental care can result in overall poor health, lost teeth, and other serious troubles. Our specialists are trained to make sure elders are brushing their teeth and taking care of their oral health.

Cleanliness is only half of our personal appearance care. Our Comfort Keepers help seniors dress and style their hair. With personal, in home care services from your industry leaders, seniors look and feel their best.

Help with Mobility and Getting out of the Home Keeps Seniors Healthy and Happy

Wisconsin caregivers help to keep your loved ones active by walking to the park or running errandsJust because you want to stay in your home doesn’t mean you never want to get out. If mobility issues or other problems are preventing you or an older family member from leaving the house, let Comfort Keepers help with our personal home care services.

We assist seniors by running errands and transporting them as needed.

If you have no specific destination in mind, a personal care assistant can go for a walk or visit a local park. Getting out and about is very beneficial, both physically and mentally. Keep cooped up indoors, seniors can become depressed, develop high blood pressure and increase the likelihood of heart troubles.

Seniors who are unable to head outside can engage in light exercise with our knowledgeable caregivers. We’ll make sure you stay active without straining yourself or risking injury. Stay healthy and active with mobility assistance from Comfort Keepers.

Personal Home Care Can Reduce the Risk of Bedsores and Soreness

Individuals who spend long periods in wheelchairs or beds face several problems. Extended stretches of time in one place can lead to bedsores, muscle aches and atrophy. It can also hamper breathing and digestion.  With Comfort Keepers, these risks are greatly reduced as are the risks of moving to or from chairs, wheelchairs, and beds.  Our caregivers are trained in proper lifting and transferring techniques. We even use Hoyer lifts when necessary to ensure you are always moved safely and comfortably

Care for Seniors with Incontinence or Toileting Issues

Adult or child, bathroom issues often cause for embarrassment. For seniors living alone, toileting issues or incontinence can lead to serious health complications. While odd smells are what usually get noticed, skin infections and other medical problems often lurk out of sight.  Our sensitive personal care assistant team understands the many issues surrounding toileting problems. They take the time necessary to establish an effective, workable home care plan. Once in place, this plan of care ensures seniors are spared embarrassment and maintain their self-esteem.

Incontinence and other toileting troubles are surprisingly common.

Comfort Keepers has helped many elders regain their dignity. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance. The worst thing you can do is be too embarrassed to seek help. Enacting a care plan for bathroom and incontinence issues is an important part of keeping healthy.

Dietary Care and Mealtime Assistance for Independent Seniors From A Personal Care Assistant

A personal care assistant will gladly assist with preparing meals and other household tasks for those who need helpProper nutrition is of the utmost importance from the moment of birth through all of life’s stages. As we age, keeping a healthy, balanced diet can become an issue. Missing meals or becoming deficient in any vitamins or minerals has serious repercussions for the elderly.

Make sure you or your loved one has a healthy diet with Comfort Keepers.

Our trained caregivers prepare nutritious meals to make sure seniors get the nourishment they need. If you have a special diet or dietary restrictions for personal or religious reasons, you can count on our staff to make delicious, healthy meals meeting your requirements.

Mealtime is about more than just eating. The shared experience of eating with another person is one of the highlights of being human. With our care services, you don’t just get a healthy meal, you also get a meal companion. After preparing your food, your Comfort Keeper will sit down and eat with you, providing conversation and companionship you can’t get anywhere else.

If you would like to learn more about care services, contact us online or give us a call at (414) 207-6894.


Active Body and Mind a Key to Seniors Living Independently

Michael had polio, diabetes, and gout. He called Comfort Keepers for assistance with homemaking services he could no longer handle on his own. This includes meal prep, housekeeping, laundry and going grocery shopping.

Disabled Senior Man at Home with Personal Caregiver

Jenean, Michael’s caregiver for the last two years, has become a great friend and their rapport is evident in the way they interact with each other during visits.

Michael’s love for sports memorabilia is evident in his collection of baseballs, helmets, and movies. With Jenean, he is able to stay up-to-date on the latest sports-related news.

Having the peace of mind that Comfort Keepers offers helps Michael know that his daily needs will be taken care of and that he can count on Comfort Keepers to help him remain independent.




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