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Senior Care Services Providers Talk About Some Home Adaptions You Can Make to Ensure Your Loved One’

Aug 13, 2018 by Shannon Meller

It is no surprise that as we start to age, our eyes are one of the first things to experience problems. Vision loss and eye diseases are increasingly common in the elderly community and it is important for your loved one and their senior care services provider to work on way to ensure your loved one can live alone. Independent living is important to seniors and just because they experience vision loss, or an eye disease does not mean that they cannot live alone.

Senior care services providers want you to know that falls are common in the elderly community and when paired with vision loss, it is a recipe for disaster. Falls can lead to serious injuries that leave your loved one in the hospital.

Our senior care services team has put together some home adaptions that will allow you to make sure your elderly one’s home is as safe as possible.

  • Remove any hazards that are near hallways or walkways, especially items that can cause falls such as wires
  • Remove or replace old, worn, and wrinkled rugs or carpeting
  • Use brightly colored tape to mark off doorways, ramps, stair steps, and more
  • Make sure the home as sufficient lighting throughout it
  • Make sure that furniture does not stick out into hallways or walkways and push in all chairs when done using them
  • Use non-skid flooring throughout the house or clean with a non-skid solution
  • Install grab bars to provide your loved one with a place to grab should they feel like they may fall

If you would like to learn more about our senior care services or you would like to have a free fall risk assessment performed, now is the time to call Comfort Keepers.

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