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Home Health Care: Volunteering Has Positive Benefits On Seniors

Jul 17, 2018 by Shannon Meller

Home health care services are beneficial to seniors who live at home independently and they help seniors with their daily activities. These services allow seniors to have more free time too and they can get out of the house, enjoy their favorite hobbies, and more. Many seniors have decided to take up volunteering during their free time and it offers them many benefits from the joy of seeing other people happy to the personal satisfaction they receive from being there for others.

Seniors who volunteer are not only helping others, but they are helping themselves at the same time. Home health care teams want you to know that studies performed by the American Geriatric Society show that retirees who are 65 and older who volunteer live longer than those who do not volunteer.

Additional studies that have been done show that there are many health benefits that seniors can receive when they volunteer. Many of these studies have found that volunteering seniors have a better social network and getting out of the home allows them to spend time with their peers and this fights back against social isolation. Senior volunteers also had a lower stress level too and getting out to volunteer allowed them to live a happier life both mentally and physically. In addition, home health care teams say that volunteering can help reduce chronic condition such as heart disease and depression. More importantly, volunteering can give your senior a better sense of self-worth, self-identity, and self-confidence.

A home health care provider is able to help your loved one identify volunteer opportunities in the local area and help them get to and from the local sites. If your loved one is in need of transportation or help in their home, call Comfort Keepers today.

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