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24 Hour Home Care Teams Talk About Low-Impact Exercises For Seniors

May 9, 2018 by Shannon Meller

Many seniors try to exercise, but they find it difficult because the exercises become harder as they get older. Exercising is part of a healthy lifestyle and 24 hour home care teams recommend that your loved one take part in low-impact exercises. These types of exercises are easy on the joints and they do not cause stress on the body. Seniors will find that it is easy to perform these types of exercises and they do not risk as much of a chance of injury as with high-impact exercises.

24 hour home care teams say that low-impact exercises can focus on balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance, which is beneficial for all seniors. Below, we will provide you with some great options for low-impact exercises that your loved one can do. You can join them too.

Water Aerobics. Water aerobics is a wonderful way to get cardiovascular benefits and also strengthen your muscles as well. The water is able to offer you both resistance and buoyance, which help to build muscle without placing too much strain on the muscles themselves. Many senior communities offer water aerobics classes throughout the week.

Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a type of meditative exercise that can help improve flexibility and balance. It is a popular exercise within the senior community because it is easy to do, and it is not stressful on the body or joints. Tai Chi does feature slow movements, which means seniors are less likely to become injured when doing them.

Walking. 24 hour home care professionals say that walking is a wonderful way to exercise and it can help maintain weight as well.

If your loved one is ready to exercise and boost their daily physical activity, now is the time to reach out to our 24 hour home care team to get help. Comfort Keepers will work with your loved one to make sure they can exercise freely and without struggle or injury. 

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