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Dementia Care Experts Provide Steps To Keep Your Loved One’s Mind Sharp As They Age

Apr 24, 2018 by Shannon Meller

Many seniors often worry about their mind and memories as they age. They do not want to lose them, but fear that they will, no matter what. It is part of the natural aging process to lose some of your mental acuity, but diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s can rob you of your cherished memories. Dementia care experts want you to know that there are steps your senior can take to make sure that his or her mental acuity does not decline later on in life. Below, we will look at a couple of the steps and you can help your loved one implement them right away.

Good nutrition. Believe it or not, dementia care experts say that nutrition plays an imperative role in whether or not you may develop dementia and Alzheimer’s in the future. Eating good can help ward off the risks and improve your loved one’s overall health at the same time. Since seniors may struggle to get to the store or pick the right foods, the Comfort Keepers dementia care team can assist with this. Some ideal foods to consume include vegetables, whole grains, fruits, lean proteins, and fish.

Believing in one’s own ability. Research has shown that seniors who believe in their own ability are far more in tune with their memory and mental sharpness. While researchers do not know why this is, they gather that it is because the senior is more resilient and easily able to recover after a pitfall.

The Comfort Keepers dementia care team is prepared to help your loved one should they need any type of assistance. Our team will work with them to keep them mentally sharp and also teach them more about nutrition and what foods they should consume to preserve their mental health. 

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