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Caregivers Talk About Liver Protection And Steps Seniors Can Take To Reduce Risks Of Damage

Mar 9, 2018 by Shannon Meller

Your liver is one of the ultimate powerhouses inside of your body and it is an incredible organ that deserves protection. Unfortunately, the liver, while very resilient, it can fail, and you may take damage to it when you are injured. Caregivers want you and your loved one to understand how important protection of the liver truly is. Liver disease can lead to many medical issues and even death in some cases.

Caregivers are available to help your loved one protect their liver should they need help in their home. Meeting your loved one’s needs is part of the Comfort Keepers mission and we will do what we can to encourage your loved one and see to it that they end the bad habits that may threaten their liver’s health.

Below, our caregivers will go over some of the steps your loved one can and should take to protect his or her liver in the future.

  • Do not take acetaminophen on a regular basis and limit your intake of it
  • Always review all medications and supplements, over the counter or prescribed, and check to see what type of damage they can do to your liver
  • Stop alcohol consumption or limit it to a very small amount
  • Make sure to use caution when household chemicals are in use, especially ones that are strong or have a liver damage warning on them
  • Eat a healthy diet that is not only nutritious, but also balanced. You should eat good amounts of whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats, and more
  • Get tested for viral hepatitis
  • Drink more coffee

If you are worried about your loved one’s overall liver health, now is the time to talk to their caregivers about steps to take to protect the liver. Comfort Keepers is here to help you and provide your loved one with the care he or she needs at all times.


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