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SafetyChoice Elderly Home Care Solutions & Products by Comfort Keepers of Milwaukee, WI

SafetyChoice™ is a range of smart products By Comfort Keepers®. We offer an entire suite of home care solutions in technology devices and accessories. These really are important advances in elderly home care. They're important because they can mean the difference between staying in the home and moving into an assisted living facility. Today there's a real emphasis on independent senior living. Here at Comfort Keepers, Milwaukee, WI, we totally support senior independence. We know that 90% of all seniors—given the option—would prefer to age at home, near their memories and close to their loved ones. Thanks to our wide-ranging caregiving solutions and products this is now possible. Seniors living at home today are happier, healthier and much safer.

Our Suite of Elderly Home Care Technology Solutions

It's true that technology changes as new products become available. Despite this fact, our basic suite of technology products and services will remain largely unchanged with regards to their core purpose.

Each of these products falls into one of four categories, namely:

  • PERS (Personal Emergency Response System)
  • PERS Accessories
  • Medical Solutions
  • 24/7-Monitoring

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Secure

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) include an easy-to-push emergency call button. With a single push it sends out an instant alarm to a 24/7 monitoring service. You can wear these devices (pendant, wristband and necklace) or have a table-top console. PERS accessories include things like window and door contacts and help buttons (non-emergency). There are floor mats too, which are pressure sensitive. Accessories also include detectors (smoke and CO2) and wireless, home security cameras with remote access.   

Our SafetyChoice TabSafe is a smart medication system. It offers an affordable and safe way to administer the exact dose of medication at the proper time. Forgetting to take vital medications, or taking the wrong amount—or the wrong type—at the wrong time is a major concern for the families of seniors living alone. These concerns go away with the TabSafe Medication System.

The 24/7 Monitoring Support Station is there to respond to any alerts at any time night or day. Support staff will act instantly to every alert call. Our clients can reach caring professionals immediately by pressing the buttons on our in-home technology devices.

Comfort Keepers in Milwaukee, WI have answers to all your elderly home care solutions. You can contact us today by sending a message or call direct on (414) 207-6894.

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